Avalon Realm
Verzia: D2:LoD 1.10
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IP: d2.paradisegaming.eu
Zone: -1
Server status: Rfrsh
Avalon Mód
Verzia: Avalon 2.1 final

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Sun, 05.04.2015 - 10:10
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Uber Predmety
Acolyte (charm)
Administrator (armor)
Annihilus (charm)
Avalon Guard (shield)
Azmodan's Revenge (2H staff)
Beast Within (2H axe)
Black Round (helm)
Book of the Ages (charm)
Buster (ring)
Chipped Worldstone (ring)
Chironex (charm)
Daisy Cutter (1H weapon)
Elenois's Gem (ring - Sorceress only)
Frank (ring)
Golden Amulet (amulet)
Grammator's Experiment (charm)
Grammator's Revenge (2H staff)
Hellfire Torch (charm)
Juggernaut (armor)
Keeper's Gift (gloves - Barbarian only)
Krogoths Horn (charm)
Lord of Theowiki (charm)
Mark of a Devil (gloves)
Mark of the Krogoth (amulet)
Moonwalk (boots)
Rule of Chaos (boots)
Sacred Grower (armor)
Shadowstep (boots - Assassin only)
Sister's Shell (armor - Amazon only)
Soul Shifter (charm)
Soulstone (charm)
Tesla (ring)
Tharr's Visor (helm)
The Destroyer (2H sword)
The Emperor (1H sword)
The Hannival (belt)
Treeheart (belt - Druid only)
Tyreal's Charm (amulet - Paladin only)
Valor of Sins (armor)
Vicinity of Infinity (charm)
Zeferius Gift for Grammator (helm - Necromancer only)